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Renovations and Refurbishments

In today's competitive business market your commercial property must serve its renters and their clients and this means providing a modern, attractive and up to date facility for service. Updating central heating, plumbing, electrical utilities and providing a welcoming and attractive environment are essential to everyone's making a profit. Commercial properties such as shops and stores, restaurants and offices and even educational and medical facilities meet severe physical demands from multiple tenants and clients and regular updating of appearance and internal conveniences and utilities are essential. Today's technology adds new stress in the form of wiring issues and networking for business uses, access for those with disabilities and physical issues as well add to the need to refurbish or renovate. New clients with new services that require changes to the interiors are also reasons to consider working with a professional contractor.

NCL  has the years of professional experience, the skilled tradesmen and the means to manage the project from planning to completion, all under “one roof”. Beginning a commercial renovation can be an intimidating prospect, but our experience and total management process can replace intimidation with excitement. We have all the required trades represented, with all necessary certificates and licenses, we can obtain all materials and have them ready to use, and provide a schedule of completion that will cause the least possible disruption to you and your clients' schedules so no business is lost. We are fully insured with an enviable safety record.

Our commercial refurbishing and renovation services include partitioning and suspended ceiling installations to make new and attractive space in an existing setting. Our tradesmen are ready to do electrics, heating and plumbing updates and new installations to make your location more comfortable. Our experts are ready to plan, design and carry out attractive interior decorating projects. We have a wide selection of materials to replace floors and help you select new and complimentary wall coverings. If you are planning an office relocation or office moves we have the expertise to make it a pleasurable experience instead of a chore. Carpentry and tilling experience are at your service as well. We offer expert property management, refurbishments and renovations of all types of structures and facilities. We have long term experience in performing kitchen installations, bathroom installations, tiling, roofing and plastering work that will satisfy the most critical taste. All these are performed by skilled and experienced tradesmen who have years of knowledge and professionalism upon which to call.

Co-operation & organisation is key to ensuring we maintain our standards of high quality delivered as a professional service.

By offering a single point of contact we simplify an otherwise complex process saving our clients both time and money. We will do this quickly and discreetly, making sure that you are empowered with the information you need in order to make those important changes and decisions you are about to embark on.

NCL communicates in a way that generates confidence, trust and enduring engagement. We take a partnership “ One team approach” when working with our clients to prepare realistic budgets so that there are no surprises at completion. We create advocacy for your business that inspires agreement and fosters change.

We work with professional 'best of breed' suppliers and specialist contractors to offer our clients the best levels of quality and affordability.

NCL offers a complete Construction, Refurbishment and Interiors service which we provide as either a fully integrated service to facilitate all aspects of contracting or individual elements of building and construction works.

NCL are becoming leaders in their field of works up to 1M in value. Whilst the majority of the larger main contractors would consider this range of work a bit on the small side. NCL excel at these size projects and are able to offer our clients the best levels of quality and affordability.

So if you are:

  • Located in an existing building and planning to upgrade or refurbish your facilities
  • Considering expanding into new premises as your business develops and grows
  • Thinking about sub contracting out your buildings facilities management/maintenance or changing your current facilities management/maintenance provider NCL can help.
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